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Look, I don't often concern this blog site and attempt to tell you fucks on how to fan. Many times when I roll up into these pages, I'm taking apart a problem or running some numbers to reveal something surprising or motivating about our White Sox. However not today. We got ta do something.

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The 50/ 50 Split the Pot Raffles in 2021 have actually been a got-damned, muthafucking catastrophe! Below is a table of the outcomes for this year. Besides Opening Day, when there was a $100k minimum overall reward swimming pool, this has been rough. Not just are these raffles for charity, however these raffles are for the degenerates like us that like to bet.

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IT'S A TRADITION!!! But this year. I haven't even purchased one ticket. I take that back, I purchased some on Opening Day, but that day was quite blurry. Something needs to be done. Who in their right fucking mind is purchasing a raffle ticket when the reward is a massive $531.

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FUCK !! There's no excitement and no reward. This needs to be changed. I do not care if it's only 25% capability, we can't have this shit. It can't be just that we do not have this good-looking mufucka out there strolling around and offering them. Which's the whole issue! Okay, you have actually twisted my arm.

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If you'll offer me a couple tree minutes to whip them out. JASON BENETTI WILL PURCHASE $1,000 WORTH OF TICKETS EACH HOME GAME This is a synergy and no one in the entire White Sox organization is more in-tuned with the fans than Jason. If he wins, he can even keep the money.

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Not to point out Jason will be showing whatta sport he is and contributing to 2 excellent causes. 1) White Sox charities 2) The enjoyable people degenerates. $783 prize swimming pools draw, but $3,300 reward pools are cool and especially cool when you understand you are winning a penny of Jason's cabbage.