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According to a short article, the Cubs have the greatest typical total ticket cost for the 2018 season at over $58 a ticket. On the other hand, the Brewers have some of the least expensive tickets at an average $26, putting them in 22nd. However the less expensive ticket rates still can't pry Borkenhagen away from her cherished Wrigley Field, as she said she still chooses the Wrigley bleachers.

Something that wasn't true with County Stadium."It looks like after Miller Park was developed, Cubs fans ended up being interested in coming near Milwaukee," she said. "Maybe I simply don't remember them as highly from County Arena, however it simply never struck me that they considered County Stadium as 'Wrigley Field North.'"A sportscaster's view, Garcia has actually covered Brewers/Cubs series' for several years 23 to be exact.

Garcia said over the years, no matter the scenarios, it always appears like Cubs fans will find a way to fill Miller Park and be loud. Many games at Miller Park, the split in between the two fan bases is 50/50 or even sometimes in the Cubs' favor, she said."Whenever the Cubs did something well on the field, you always heard this giant roar, which seemed quite comparable to the roar that you get when the Brewers were on the field," she said.

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"I understand there were a great deal of fans too, but I can keep in mind ... for every single one Milwaukee reporter there were probably 10 Chicago reporters."With websites such as Stubhub and Seat, Geek giving ticket-holders a platform to offer on, it is essentially difficult to keep Cub fans at bay."It's tough in an age of Stub Center and every other ticket outlet to control something like that," Garcia stated.

Why this lifelong White Sox fan will root for the Cubs - Chicago TribunePin on ᑕhᎥcǟg⚙ ᑕubs ⌂

But for Sorensen, being a Cubs fan in Wisconsin hasn't constantly been a smooth flight. He said he needed to suffer through lots of years without great teams and years where they famously choked opportunities away does the name Steve Bartman ring a bell? Nevertheless, given that the Cubs World Series in 2016 their first since 1908 things have reversed for fans around Wisconsin, Sorensen said."Given that we won the World Series, Brewers fans have been pretty quiet up until this year, now that they have a good group," he stated.