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The brand-new bar and restaurant do not need a game ticket to enter. Television protection [edit] Until 2004, WGN-TV and the now-defunct FSN Chicago would "change off" during interleague video games: for the Cubs house games, the Cubs commentary group would call the video game, while the Sox commentary team would have the call for their house games.

The stations generally turn off each day (For example, in a series at Wrigley Field, WGN would treat the game on Friday as a Cubs home game with NBCSC treating it as a White Sox away game; on Sunday WGN will relay a White Sox away video game and NBCSC will show a Cubs house video game; with the other video game rotating in between the two channels).

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Efficiency [modify] While New york city of the 1940s and 1950s frequently had two or three groups contending for champions, the two Chicago groups had comparatively little to commemorate for a long period of time, except for pennants in 1945 (Cubs) and 1959 (Sox), till the White Sox won the 2005 World Series and the Cubs won the 2016 World Series.

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Thus, the rivalry frequently was one in which fans of one team are simply as pleased for the bad play of the other group as they are for the great play of their own (). This above all is what made the Chicago competition special in Major League Baseball. An evaluation of other terrific competitions (Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Yankees, A's, Giants, Dodgers, Giants) shows that both teams have made World Series appearances on a relatively regular basis.

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Royko once composed that the reason Sox fans have a "attitude problem" is that when they would go to games at Comiskey Park, the odor of the Union Stock Yards would fill their nostrils and advise them of the status of their group. The stockyards closed in 1971. Several Cubs and White Sox fans have actually made a cottage industry selling t-shirts, hats, and other souvenirs that consist of slogans planned to take swipes at the opposing teams, instead of support their own.